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Art & Community

“Giving back to society in accordance with what we have earned”

We believe that culture and arts are the soul of a community and reflection of its characteristics and values. In modern society, they are not just a form of entertainment, but also a tool to promote community harmony, improve the cultural quality of residents, and shape the community's image. By giving back to society in accordance with what we have earned, culture and the arts can also be a way to care for the community, helping vulnerable groups integrate into society, feel the care and support of the community, and improve their quality of life. Together, we can create a better community.


"LOFTER-Care Community Program" was founded by the local developer, LOFTER GROUP, with the vision of "LOFTER Cares ALL" to continuously support various social service organizations, aiming to improve the living of Hong Kong's grassroots elderly, low-income families, and vulnerable communities. 

In addition to providing economic assistance, the program also contributes resources and efforts to participate in support activities organized by different charity groups. During the process, the program interacts with beneficiaries to gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts and needs of community stakeholders, ensuring that the program is effective and provides appropriate assistance to those in need.


築 ◆ 動文創 is a program launched by LOFTER GROUP that prioritizes the support of local industries, employment, as well as cultural and artistic creations in Hong Kong. Through collaborations with local artists, this program promotes the development of contemporary art and culture in the city.


Moreover, the program aims to benefit the community through cultural and artistic endeavors by increasing awareness, participation, and engagement among the public. To achieve this goal, charitable elements will be integrated into the events, raise funds through art, and support those in need, adding greater meaning to them.

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